Stratfield in Zwolle: Werken aan waarde voor aandeelhouders

A focus on money is distracting

When buying or selling a business, it’s tempting to negotiate on the price at an early stage. However, a price is actually the result of underlying requirements and ambitions and also whether and how the purchaser and seller wish to continue further together.

The challenge
A business owner wanted to sell his business and was involved in talks with an interested party. Unfortunately, the negotiations reached a deadlock and the parties were entirely at odds with each other. This created an air of tension, given that the seller and the prospective purchaser were to work together. How did we get the negotiations moving again and what were the conditions for satisfactory collaboration?

‘The best deal is more than the highest price.’

Our approach
We discussed with the business owner how the deadlock had arisen and we consciously went back in time. We investigated why the business owner had wanted to sell and how the interest of the intended buyer had arisen. We talked about ambitions, about synergy. We then worked out a plan that did justice to the individual future perspectives and also how the parties were to strengthen each other in this. This resulted in a joint road map. The sale price could now be set off against future developments, making it more substantiable. The parties then quickly came to an agreement so that preparations for the transfer of shares could be initiated.

We focus on value
Leendert Stam en Richard Zwart, bedrijfsadviseurs Stratfield

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