Stratfield in Zwolle: Werken aan waarde voor aandeelhouders

By looking in a different way, you’ll see it in a different way

Sometimes you can get bogged down in a reality of your own making. This can also happen to you as a shareholder. How can you get out of your own reality, what alternatives are available and how do you make the right choice? Stratfield can provide new perspectives through a so-called paradigm shift.

The challenge
A business has five shareholders, including the director and his second-in-command. In practice, the second-in-command ‘sabotages’ the policy of the director. This leads to an unworkable situation. The director sees no option other than to resign and to sell his shares to the other shareholders. Or are there more and better alternatives?

‘There is never a case of only one truth. Depending on the perspective, new and unexpected opportunities and possibilities can arise.’

Our approach
Stratfield offered the director another view of reality through a so-called paradigm shift. Because why shouldn’t he let the second, sabotaging fellow shareholder go? In response to this, the director stated that he thought this wasn’t an option because he himself did not have sufficient funds at his disposal. We made it clear to him that a good case in the hands of the right helmsman always qualifies for financing. Following thorough consideration, the five shareholders finally decided to put the business up for sale after all. With this in mind, we drew up a plan together with the director to buy the business, with banks and new shareholders taking care of the funding. Consequently, the director  bought the business instead of selling it. Talk about a different reality.

Doing things differently
Leendert Stam en Richard Zwart, bedrijfsadviseurs Stratfield

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