Stratfield in Zwolle: Werken aan waarde voor aandeelhouders

Rights and obligations

There may be all kinds of reasons why fellow shareholders offer their shares for sale. The death of a fellow shareholder may also mean that the shares will become available for sale. Stratfield can advise you how to buy these shares, how you can finance the purchase and what the rules of the game are.

The challenge
A shareholder was confronted by the death of his fellow shareholder. He wondered how he could buy the shares and how he should finance this.

‘With a good business case and good management, a financial arrangement will always be possible.’
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Our approach
We explained to the shareholder that it is important to know the value of the shares and also which rights and obligations apply. The shareholder thought that he had the right of first refusal and, as far as the value was concerned, he felt that this was lower than what the heirs were asking for. We also estimated the value of the shares and we investigated the possibility of arranging finance for the purchase. As there were some legal implications attached to the transaction, we also enlisted the help of a legal expert within our network. Together we concluded that it would be attractive and feasible for our client to purchase the shares. We subsequently presented a first proposal to the heirs. They responded in an unexpectedly reticent manner. A lengthy period of negotiations then ensued. Eventually, it appeared that agreement had been reached after all. But owing to the erratic behaviour of the heirs, it was necessary to move quickly. For this reason, we had already lined up an investor and the bank. So after a lot of shilly-shallying, the deal was done.

Leendert Stam en Richard Zwart, bedrijfsadviseurs Stratfield

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