Stratfield in Zwolle: Werken aan waarde voor aandeelhouders
Expertise bedrijfsadviseurs Richard en Leendert


Stratfield enjoys working for shareholders and we see it as a challenge to look for the most profitable or comfortable future prospects for them. We then devise the most practical, effective and future-oriented strategy for this. These are sometimes unconventional and sometimes they are at odds with the logical solutions that the shareholders may have thought up. But they always deliver extra and sustainable shareholder value. We would like to focus on you and your shareholder value too.

Shareholder strategy
What’s good for the business isn’t always good for the shareholder(s). Obviously, this also applies the other way around. Stratfield would be happy to offer you, as shareholder, some sound advice in determining your position. We can then explore your wishes and desires together. Are you aiming for a short-term financial return? Or are you looking for future financial comfort and peace of mind? Once we have gained an insight into what it is you really want, we can then devise an optimal shareholder’s strategy together.

Shareholder conflicts
Shareholders are primarily family, friends or acquaintances of one another. And, as in all human relationships, conflict can arise. This can become more precarious if business and monetary interests are at stake. Stratfield frequently assists shareholders who have become involved in ongoing conflicts or who are at risk of becoming involved in them. Stratfield understands the art of intervention and uses tools and methods from other specialist fields for this purpose. Once sufficient insight and respect for emotions, viewpoints and motives have been gained, Stratfield works step by step towards tailor-made solutions on the basis of trust.

Buying and selling support
Buying or selling a business is no picnic. Apart from all the emotional aspects associated with this, it also involves a huge financial decision with a great deal of impact. That is why a purchase or sale deserves the fullest attention and an exceedingly professional approach. Stratfield would be an exceptionally committed and strategic partner for you. As specialists, we know what is involved in a purchase or sale. We have our networks. Networks with candidates and networks with financiers. But even more importantly, we would be delighted to share our extensive knowledge, experience and creativity with you.

Business valuation
As shareholder, it is always good to know the value of the business. For several reasons. The most important is that an up-to-date business valuation helps you to take important decisions. For example, whether or not to invest. A business evaluation is also essential in the daily business operations. Because which activities add value? And which ones don’t? Lastly, an up-to-date and reliable evaluation is essential if you are planning to purchase or sell. But how do you arrive at a business evaluation? You can take a rule of thumb approach, but this is not always reliable as, in practice, there are more issues that can have an effect on the business valuation. Stratfield would be happy to advise you about your business valuation and, if required, we could determine this for you.

Financial advice
Are you as shareholder anticipating a growth strategy? Or are you thinking about renewing your machinery? We don’t need to tell you that these plans can have far-reaching consequences. So how are you going to finance this strategy? Are you going to opt for purchase, hire or lease of that new machinery? Stratfield would be happy to discuss this with you. We can work out a number of scenarios for you, keeping in mind your requirements at all times. If we agree on a strategy, Stratfield will go in search of bank financing or venture capital. In your network, in our network, or in new networks.

Stratfield werkt aan waarde voor aandeelhouders