Stratfield in Zwolle: Werken aan waarde voor aandeelhouders
Expertise bedrijfsadviseurs Richard en Leendert

Focus on value

Comfort, yield and peace of mind

From our perspective, shareholder value is more than just the value assessment of the business. For us, shareholder value is the sum total of ambitions, desires and mindset, now and in the future. The words ‘focusing on’ imply that the value isn’t there yet. For Stratfield, focusing on value means helping you to create the most value as shareholder, although the route yielding the most shareholder value is not always that straight line between A and B. Stratfield helps to devise solutions in a committed, unorthodox and creative way. Our shareholder strategies are sometimes unconventional or at odds with solutions that shareholders may have thought up themselves. But they always deliver extra and sustainable shareholder value.

Corporate finance adviseurs Leendert en Richard werken aan waarde

For Stratfield, it involves more than the sum of money below the line. The objective is of greater concern than who wins or who has to give in. It is far more important for you as shareholder to have a clear idea of what you want and how you are going to achieve this. Perhaps you would like to enjoy a comfortable retirement. Or perhaps ambition still burns within you and you want to grow. Perhaps your greatest worry is that your family business may not end up in good hands. Our experience has taught us that many shareholder concerns can be traced back to comfort, yield and peace of mind.

Leendert Stam en Richard Zwart, bedrijfsadviseurs Stratfield
‘At Stratfield, clients get what they want. And that isn’t always what they asked for.’

This is also the reason why Stratfield doesn’t begin straightaway with a value assessment of your shares. We first need to ascertain your requirements, wishes and desires and also your worries and uncertainties. Only when we know what is really important to you will we get to work on the task. We will mobilise all our knowledge, expertise and our network and we will always do this in our own committed, unorthodox and creative way. That is how we focus on your shareholder value.

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