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Part I

Mergers and acquisitions: the right business

No less than 70% to 90% of takeovers fail to succeed. An important reason for this is that people often only take a one-sided look at what there is to gain from a target company. In practice, however, it appears that the chance of success of a takeover increases if people look at what value can be added to a target company. In the case of plans for a merger or acquisition, it is therefore of vital importance to focus attention on an ideal company profile as regards strategy, organisation, staffing in crucial positions and culture.

First selection

If the ideal company profile has been drawn up, then the actual search can begin. Subsequently, you can first look at companies that are for sale. It is often possible to make an interesting first selection simply on the basis of the company profile. But your competitors won’t be sitting still either and perhaps, like you, are also looking to acquire a company. Perhaps the companies with the greatest potential for you have already been taken off the market. In that case, you could try a different, smarter approach.

Leendert Stam en Richard Zwart, bedrijfsadviseurs Stratfield

Acquisition strategy

A study by the international management consultancy bureau McKinsey & Company showed that businesses who actively search for companies to merge with or to acquire perform better than the competition. Several smaller acquisitions, in particular, increase the economic result considerably. If anything, companies who make use of a structured acquisition strategy achieve significantly better results. That’s not really surprising; the more often you do a merger or acquisition, the better at it you become.

Do you need professional support?

A professional party with experience in this field can contribute to a solution for a proposed acquisition. Are you looking for a company to acquire? Or perhaps you are on the point of selling your company? Get in touch and let us know how we can help you. You can find our contact details here.

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Part II

Mergers and acquisitions: the transaction

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