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Privacy regulations Stratfield

These privacy regulations describe how Stratfield deals with your personal data. Stratfield processes personal data and we believe that it is of vital importance to deal with this carefully. This means that we process and safeguard personal data in a safe and reliable manner. During processing, we adhere to the requirements set by the General Data Protection Regulation. Stratfield is responsible for the processing of data and in this privacy statement we explain what personal data we collect and use and for what purpose.

Who and what is Stratfield?
Stratfield is a private limited company. Stratfield is an organisation with experienced and highly trained professionals in the field of corporate finance. Leendert Stam is our point of contact for all privacy-related issues and can be reached at or at (06) 433 788 13.

Purposes of personal data processing

Whenever you use various forms on the website or give information in emails, you leave behind certain data at Stratfield. This may be personal data such as your name and address. We store and use only the personal data given directly by you or data which has clearly been supplied to us to be processed. If you fill in a form or send us an email or letter, the data you send us will be stored for the length of time required to deal with the form or the contents of your email or letter.

We process this data in order to maintain the relationship with you and to be able to carry out assignments, or to inform you about a service or product that could be of interest to you. We record various details, including your name and address, reports of a discussion during visits, details about your participation in our activities and the details needed for the invoicing of our services. We also store information about interest in Stratfield’s services. We do this for effective and efficient business operations. We store the data in our CRM system.

What data do we request?

We only request information from our clients that we need for the intended purpose. For this reason, we do not keep any particular personal data, but only the name and address details (including email address) of the organisation and the points of contact. We enhance this information by adding details we obtain from you during discussions or by searching for and possibly placing professionals.

Obligation to provide information
There is no obligation to provide data, but without it, it will not be possible to make use of our services. After all, the details mentioned are needed at the very least to make contact or maintain contact and to provide information about our services and events.

Data recipients
Stratfield will never provide information outside the organisation without prior consultation. Data will only, upon agreement, be supplied to third parties with your knowledge. Details about clients will not be shared outside Stratfield.

Retention period
In principle, we store data for one year after entering it into our database. We keep candidates up to date in our periodic emails about the data we are storing. You can indicate through these periodic emails if you would like to be removed from our database.

The statutory retention period of seven years applies to all information relating to assignments and organised events.

With regard to candidates and clients, data may be removed or be inspected at all times. Please contact the Data Protection Officer about this. Of course, Stratfield conforms to all rights that data subjects may derive from the law.

Level of security
Stratfield protects stored personal data and maintains the accuracy of it. For this purpose, Stratfield reasonably implements physical, administrative and technical security measures to protect personal data against unauthorised access, unauthorised use and unauthorised disclosure. Stratfield works only with reputable suppliers such as Microsoft and Yuki.

Stratfield would, however, like to point out to users of its services that it is impossible to completely rule out the possibility of any unauthorised use and any unintended loss of data. Stratfield accepts no liability if, in spite of the measures taken, data entered is still harmed, lost or used by unauthorised persons, unless there is evidence of intent or deliberate recklessness by Stratfield.

Agreement to the use of data
We assume that you were entitled to inform us about personal data (such as, but not limited to, CVs, name and address details and email addresses) that we received from you via the website, via emails or any other way, and that you give us permission to process this data for the aforementioned objectives.

Stratfield reserves the right to shorten supplied texts, to remove them or to give the importer of the data further instructions regarding adjustments. Stratfield shall not use the data received for any other purpose other than those mentioned above.

Adjustments to the privacy regulations
Stratfield may from time to time make changes, additions or adjustments to its privacy regulations for a variety of reasons. The most up-to-date privacy regulations can be consulted at all times on the Stratfield website.