Stratfield in Zwolle: Werken aan waarde voor aandeelhouders

Unorthodox adviser

Stratfield is original. No nonsense and no unnecessary fuss. But we are honest and open and act with integrity. We are also sensible. We know what we are talking about and, with our combination of skills, insights and interests, we will always arrive at solutions that create extra added and sustainable shareholder value for you.

Eigen en zinnig zoals Richard en Leendert van Stratfield corporate finance

Stratfield is the result of  years of investment in our own knowledge and experience. In terms of strategy and finance, but also if adjoining disciplines and areas of knowledge are involved. We are interested in the person behind the shareholder, we master the subject matter quickly, and we are quick to understand the essence of the challenge before us. But we are also able to share our thoughts with you and this serves a particularly good purpose if we present you with a less obvious proposal.

‘At Stratfield, clients get what they want. And that isn’t always what they asked for.’